Feide URN Registry


MACE (Middleware Architecture Committee for Education), who manages the urn:mace namespace, has delegated the operation of the urn:mace:feide.no namespace to UNINETT.

Namespaces administered by UNINETT for Feide:

Namespace Purpose Date registred Registry URL
urn:mace:feide.no:attribute-def norEdu schema attributes 2004-06-30 http://www.feide.no/urn-attribute-def
urn:mace:feide.no:docs Feide documentation IDs 2007-12-13 Not available
urn:mace:feide.no:uio.no Delegated to University of Oslo for campus specific use 2004-06-30 Not available
urn:mace:feide.no:ntnu.no Delegated to the Norwegian University of Science and Technology for campus specific use 2006-05-14 Not available
urn:mace:feide.no:trofast Delegated to the Trofast project for campus specific use (OBSOLETE) 2006-10-26 http://www.feide.no/urn-trofast
urn:mace:feide.no:hivolda.no Delegated to Høgskolen i Volda for campus specific use 2007-06-21 Not available
urn:mace:feide.no:go Delegated to "Senter for IKT i utdanningen" for use in identity management for schools 2007-06-27 Not available
urn:mace.feide.no:stillingskode:stat Norwegian official codes of occupation 2011-02-21 Not available
urn:mace:feide.no:bibsys.no Delegated to BIBSYS 2012-05-14 Not available
urn:mace:feide.no:hig.no Delegated to Gjøvik University College for campus specific use 2012-11-16 Not available
urn:mace:feide.no:nmh.no Delegated to Norwegian Academy of Music for campus specific use 2013-04-22 Not available
urn:mace:feide.no:uninett.no Delegated to UNINETT 2013-09-02 http://www.feide.no/urn-uninett.no
urn:mace:feide.no:uia.no Delegated to University of Agder for campus specific use 2014-02-18 Not available
urn:mace:feide.no:operational Delegated to Feide login service 2015-09-07 Not available
urn:mace:feide.no:inn.no Delegated to Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences for campus specific use 2019-05-13 Not available
urn:mace:feide.no:fks Delegated to the FKS Consortium 2019-05-13 Not available

Background information

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