The KLAR app focuses on professional language and is a simple, innovative and effective language learning app with mother tongue support. We offer tailor-made Norwegian language training in subject words/concepts within Health and upbringing subjects, Building and construction engineering, Restaurant and food sciences, Sales, service and tourism and Technology and industrial subjects. We offer 200 words within each subject area with a simple explanation with text and sound. Each word has image support, English support and native language support. We currently offer 6 mother tongues: English, Tigrinya, Somali, Arabic, Lithuanian and Polish. In addition to the 200 basic subject words, you have the opportunity to add your own words image, text and sound. The app also has a built-in game function that allows you to practice the words. You can yourself choose which words you play with. Our app will teach you the professional language you need to be able to perform a job in a good way.

Proxi AS
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